• Ravishing Youth Board

API Chaya Gala and Auction

API Chaya is a non-profit 501-c(3) organization that strives to end domestic violence and sexual abuse in the Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. API Chaya provides many platforms for survivors to gain support and aid in areas such as legal advising, support groups, financial aid, and one-on-one guidance. The API Chaya Gala and auction is an annual event which takes place in Seattle; the main purpose of the event is to spread awareness about the organization and it's cause as well as fundraise. Ravishing Youth Board participated in this event and assisted in event execution. Our team helped out in areas such as greeting, auction help, set-up and clean-up, AV support and many other tasks. RYB had volunteered for 7 hours on the day of the event and volunteered alongside API Chaya members. Our team looks forward to working with API Chaya again and we look forward to collaborating on projects in the future!

For more information about the organization please go to: